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What to take with you to the Rental Vacation Home

You were waiting for this cottage vacation…

You wish somebody cook for you, while you enjoy your family, swim and take a sunbath, play with kids at the beach, read interesting book for them, watch movie together…

You want delicious and healthy food for your family and especially for kids…

Do you think it’s a dream? Not a dream, but reality with Thermomix®

The intelligent machine works independently, so, you spend more time with your family, while making healthy and delicious food for them.

Thermomix® - The World's Smallest, Smartest Kitchen

Thermomix® TM 5 is 12 appliances in one unit!

Thermomix® is a German quality

Thermomix® is a fun for whole family ...

If you

  • love to cook, or do not like
  • dislike prepping and cleaning
  • have special dietary requirements
  • want to save money
  • want to save time
  • want to be creative with cooking
  • want to serve healthier meals
  • have young kids or infant
  • are setting up a new home
  • are remodelling your kitchen – THERMOMIX is definitely for you…

It is a great gift:

Perfect Wedding Gift:

Make an appointment for demonstration and find out how helpful is Thermomix®
email to:

from August 2019 The Cook-Key® is now available for purchase in Canada also for $169 and helps unlock thousands (50,000) of recipes and a whole new world of culinary excitement as Thermomix introduced the recipe platform – Cookidoo!
click here to watch the video

While your Cook-Key® is on its way to you, register for a free 30-day trial on the US Cookidoo® recipe platform cookidoo.thermomix.com and start browsing, selecting favourites and exploring the world wide treasure trove of Thermomix® recipes.

Cook-Key® Voucher

Share the information about Thermomix.
Invite 2 friends to be a host for demonstration and you will get the Voucher to buy your Cook-Key.

The new model of Thermomix® - TM6
from November 1st 2019 in Canada
It is an innovative 20-in-1 appliance, with menu plans, shopping lists, guided cooking and more...

If you want to discover the future of cooking,
email to: contact@RentCottageSimcoe.com

Thermomix® TM6™ Sous Vide Mode

Sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/; French for ‘under vacuum’), also known as low temperature long time (LTLT) cooking, is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sous-vide

Everyone understands how important to have your food healthy with not damaged vitamins, minerals, proteins…

Enjoy preparing a culinary masterpiece with the Thermomix® Sous-vide mode. Cook meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit according to your preferences, and enjoy perfect results every time. Sous-vide is a precise, gentle method of cooking: food is placed in a water bath, protected by a food-safe air-tight bag, and cooked at a controlled temperature. Cooking the food in a sealed bag locks in all of the ingredients’ flavour and nutritional benefits. Thermomix® can control the temperature in 1°C increments, allowing for better accuracy in your cooking.

Would like to cook healthy food with Thermomix®?

Virtual Demo Videos

Focaccia with Sea Salt Flakes

Tinga de Pollo

Asian Rice with Vegetables

Berry Dream

Please contact me to discover how Thermomix® can help you to cook easy, quick, delicious, healthy meals for your family.

Spend more time with your family and friends instead in front of a stove!

How to use the Thermomix® TM6™ Varoma

В 2021 году Thermomix исполнилось 50 лет.
А Немецкой компании – Vorwerk, которая его производит – уже 138 лет.

О Thermomix® рассказать невозможно,
нужно увидеть в действии (как всё это работает),

поскольку сейчас на планете больше не существует ничего, с чем можно было бы сравнить Thermomix…

И действительно, тяжело представить, что в одной машине заключены все кухонные приборы - помощьники.

Thermomix® имеет самую большую в мире кулинарную электронную платформу – “Cookidoo”,
где собраны около 70 тысяч рецептов на сегодня – сентябрь 2021.
Здесь и различные диеты (для здоровых и больных людей), и коллекции для деток – первые прикармливания, и кухни народов мира, и т д…

Мы планируем своё меню и создаём список продуктов на неделю, 2, 3 вперёд (всё с помощью Thermomix®).
Этот список попадает в телефоны всех членов семьи (при желании)
Мы перестаём покупать лишнее, а значит и не выбрасываем испорченное

На Thermomix® можно готовить наши любимые семейные блюда или
исполюзуя Cookidoo готовить выбранное нами на автоматических или полуавтоматических режимах.

В Thermomix® можно готовить пищу на низких температурах в вакууме.
При этом не разрушаются ни минералы, ни белки, ни витамины...
Посмотрите это видео

Thermomix® - это самая маленькая самая умная кухня в мире

После приготовления нашей еды Thermomix® сам себя помоет, а сама кухня останется чистой.

Хотите проводить больше времени с родными и близкими, а не у плиты?
Приходите к нам на показ Thermomix в действии
Пишите – contact@rentcottagesimcoe.com 

Just look at my photos.
You may cook this and 70, 000 more recipes from worldwide cuisine. It will be nutritious, you know from what you cooked your food, delicious, easy, economical, with love and fun and... you can experiment and create

Marmalade for Cheese

The Thermomix made marmalade for us, during we watch movie: lemon, ginger, apple

Any Chopped Vegetable Salad: Beetroot salad; Coleslaw; Broccoli Salad; Guacamole etc - 5-10 min

Make an appointment for demonstration
and find out how helpful is Thermomix®
email to:

Focaccia Bread

You may bake any kind of bread.
This one fast – only 1h 15 min:
Thermomix make dough with Parmesan and fresh or dry herbs,
you just put it in the oven and
it is smell around the house, returning you in the best Italian Restaurant, which bakes homemade bread.

Carrots muffins

My husband likes warm carrot muffins with piece of homemade butter

Healthy cookie

Healthy cookie – whole wheat, oat flakes and flour, chia, buckwheat, no sugar, nuts, seeds and dry fruits

Rye and Oat flour and Walnut Bread

It smells so good, we couldn’t wait it cool down and tried it.
Please, never cut hot bread. You may see it at the photo.

Gluten free dessert

It is very light and delicious dessert for our guests with special dietary.

Rye Loaf without Yeast

We bake it very often, as it healthy and very fast bread

Raspberry and Lime Cheesecake

We already like our experience…
We made our dessert for morning coffee at the cottage, during evening tea and talking with our friends.
Thermomix is doing it for you.
You will spend only 5 -7 min of your time to put in ingredients, then pour in the container and place to the fridge.

Almond & Chocolate Panna Cotta

Milk Bread

Quark and herb spread (5 min)

White chocolate

Healthy sweets made from sunflower seeds


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